Entry #2

Making a new game.

2009-01-02 18:53:45 by solidjake

Hey guys, due to the fact that I had 1 comment that i should make a new game...

I'm going to make a new game!

I'd like to thank mrpibbs1 for leaving the only comment on my last post. Good on ya mrpibbs1.

I'm not sure what this game will be about or like, I'm happy to take suggestions, so leave them in your comments, but be aware, while I am awesome in every possible way, I may not be able to make a game if the programming will be outragesouly hard.

But leave your suggestions and I hope you have a happy new year!


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2009-01-02 18:55:25

i am leaving a comment so you wont feel lonely XD
good luck on ur new game

solidjake responds:

Thank you, I feel extremly loved.